Art Circle Residence 2019

I had the pleasure of spending a month in Europe to partake in Art Circle Residence 2019.

Art Circle Residence is a project organised by Art Circle Residence Inc. in Canberra, together with Australian and European partners, public and private support, on a non-profit basis to connect artists and wine-growers. It was initiated in 2018 at the recommendation of the Australian-German Advisory Group (AGAG) by the German Embassy Canberra.

In a two week Artist in Residence programme, participants can exchange experience in arts, music and wine-making, aimed at strengthening historical connections between the two continents.

Artists selected for the 2019 ArtCircleResidence Program

Edbin Tutta, Nova Gorica – Visual Artist
Petra Kleinherne, Melbourne – Visual Artist Veronika Krobs, Munich – Visual Artist
Tsering Hannaford – Painter
LIOR – Singer / Songwriter
Professor Paul Grabowsky AO – Composer / Pianist

Sponsorship in Europe 2019

ArtCircleResidence (not-for-pro t, inc)
Dr Anna Prinz (German Ambassador to Australia)
Australian Embassy in Berlin
James Porter, Honorary Consul of Germany in South Australia Hofgut Battenberg, Schraut Family
Arman winery in Vizinada, Istria, Croatia
Municipality of Vizinada, Mayor Marko Ferenc, Croatia
Young Euro Connect, Berlin, Germany, President: Wolfgang Klein All Artists are sponsoring the project with the work
Graphic Design sponsored by Run Creative, Melbourne Australia.