Portraiture from life workshop


May 5-7, 2018

Adelaide, South Australia



Working from life is a time honoured tradition in the artist’s practice. As a three-time Archibald Prize finalist, Tsering Hannaford is one of the rising stars of Australian art and her dedication to working strictly from life has garnered national attention. 

In her 3 day course, Tsering will take students through her process from preparation, to pose and finally to paint and share the fundamentals of her classical approach to portraiture that is so rarely seen in contemporary art. She will demonstrate and discuss her technique, specifically the unique benefits of her observational approach and then assist as students work on their own portrait from one of several life models.


With our camera and sound crew on hand, all demonstrations will be shown live on multiple tv screens around the room allowing all students to have a front row seat.


If you are looking to improve your observational skills, breathe life into your portraiture or simply want to pull back the curtain on a way of working that stretches back hundreds of years, please do not miss this opportunity to learn from this young



The course is designed to accommodate students of all levels. There is no requirement of experience, just a desire to learn. 


Numbers are strictly limited so book now.